Feedback for videos for PAGES with Frame.io

We use the Frame.io cloud application to gather feedback quickly and efficiently. This speeds up the process and saves us all a lot of work. The feedback flows directly and in real time into our editing system and is the basis for an error-free and fast acceptance process. Therefore, feedback for our videos is only possible via this platform.


I have received a Frame.io link, what do I have to do?

The links can be viewed from any device. After the page has been opened, the latest version of the film project is automatically presented to you. To play the movie simply press the “Play” button.


How can I leave comments for a video?

The app allows you to leave comments in certain places. Just navigate to the right place, e.g. minute 00:23 and write something in the comment field. This automatically refers to the corresponding place. You can circle or mark certain picture contents simply by drawing into the picture. A click on the colored icon with the brush opens a small submenu with different tools. To send the comment, click on [Send] or confirm with [Enter]. As soon as you submit your comment, all comments appear in real time in the right column, including those of other commentators, e.g. your colleagues. By clicking on the activated blue clock, you leave comments without a timestamp. That makes for general annotations.


Why am I asked for my name and email address to leave a comment?

To leave comments in the application, Frame.io asks for a name and email address once. This is necessary, so that we can assign the comments to a person. Important: Of course, no account is created with Frame.io and the data will not be passed to third party applications or services.


How can I download the video?

If the producer has activated the download, videos can be downloaded directly from the platform. By clicking on the download button in the upper right corner, the original file will be downloaded in its best resolution. This release ensures that no unfinished version will end up on the internet where, for example, the music license has not yet been purchased. Thus we avoid copyright infringements.


Where can I see other versions of the clip?

All versions can be found behind the same link. To access an older version, just click on the drop-down menu next to the title. You can track changes and compare versions here.


More information about Frame.io and review links for customers can be found here.