Relocation and new address!

Relocation: today on the 1st of March 2016, we said goodbye to the Westend district and created a new home for ourselves in the creative quarter on Kistlerhofstraße. Things are still pretty chaotic right now, but we’re getting sorted. We’ve grown and now have a bright and airy open-plan office. As is often the case when you move, the internet leaves a lot to be desired, but Mnet has promised us fibre optics. Our direct neighbours include a large studio, a rental company and Carl Zeiss. We’ve also got plenty of old acquaintances nearby, including Alex (Leadhunter), Josua (conexxo) and Dominik (Planet33). The rest, we’ll get to know as soon as possible (neighbours, there’ll be a party soon!).

Let the games begin. If anyone wants to come and visit, our beer fridge has also grown. In summer, the area even has its very own beer garden.

PAGES Media GmbH, Kistlerhofstr. 70, Building 88, 3rd floor, 81379 Munich, Germany