Making of: Our other side

Filming a music video for PTK – “Ungerächte Welt”


2016 just vanished behind the corner, when a, for us, very different proposal stepped through 2017’s door: “Would you like to shoot a music video for the German rapper PTK?” PAGES shooting a music video? Yes, of course! That’s a home match! Without hesitation we took on the challenge.

For you, Nikolai recorded every minute in his production diary.



Berlin, 01/21/17. 02:03 pm

„Kaffee Kotti“, Kottbusser Gate, Berlin – enter: me. Three minutes late, but surely no one will notice. Opening the door, subtle wafts of cigarette smoke curl around me. On an old sofa in the farthest corner PTK is sitting, engrossed in his notebook and drinking tea. A short friendly greeting and soon we are deep in conversation. He tells me how he and friends developed his latest artwork with a camera obscura and plays me his new title track “Ungerächte Welt” on his mp3-player. The track, for which we are to produce the video, isn’t quite finished, yet. However one can already guess, where the journey will go.


Munich, 01/25/17, 10:00 am

Our heads brood about PTK’s lyrics, ideas jump around from desk to desk in the PAGES office. We decided: We wouldn’t model our video around his older, performance-oriented music videos. Instead we will concentrate on the meaning behind “Ungerächte Welt”, which is criticism of capitalism, shoving each other into drawers, prejudices which are a part of every one of us. This is it: The basic concept.


Berlin, 02/23/2017 03:59 pm

Some e-mails and several discussions later we finished the first concept draft with PTK. So, I’m back in front of “Kotti”. On time. We need to discuss details about the setting and the actress needs to be chosen.


Allgäu, 03/24/17, 02:48 pm

With a carpenter friend, we build, by the sweat of your brows, the backdrop walls for the “Shoe Box”. Over all we need twelve modules to build the cubicle, which is open at one side. Also, because the backdrop will be transferred outside on the second shooting day, the walls need to be carpentered through modular construction. Still, the effort was worth it, right?



Munich, 03/30/2017, 10:48 am

We are at FTA, the big requisites-pool on the compound of the Bavaria-Film-Studios. On this oversized playground for compulsive hoarders you can find everything from the most recent iPhone, to stuffed animals or a ragbag of different lamps and chairs. With our “shopping list” we explore every aisle of the FTA halls, looking for an old armchair, a tv from the 50s a fish bowl, a coffee table, and several small requisites. Happily, we mark our findings, so they can be prepared for transport.


Munich, 03/31/2017

In the meantime, PTK arrived in Munich. We take him to the FTA and discuss last details about the set and load the requisites. The other team members transport the equipment to the Allgäu. We decided to film all scenes there, to shorten reorganization time between shoots. Before we can start shooting we need to arrange our requisites on the set. To create an especially somber atmosphere, we litter the whole room with dirt, old bottles and garbage. Dust settles like a natural patina over the requisites.


Allgäu, 04/01/17, 10:01 am

It’s 10:00 am, first call. One last time we go over the shot-list and start with the Rapp parts. We shoot everything from different perspectives. Sometimes using the slider and sometimes shooting from hand. So, Nik (Director, Cutter) can choose freely between settings and won’t have any problems with the dubbing.

Now we shoot the scenic shots with PTK and the actress. She’s a trooper and after only three takes we can print the scene (of course we later chose the first take 😊). Before every take we fill the room with fog. The light breaks on the water particles and the room gains more depth.

After twelve hours of we can’t get the song out of our head and every one of us can sing it by heart. And we shot amazing pictures!


Allgäu, 04/02/17, 06:02 am

We would do anything for good shots. So, we get up early to catch the morning sun. We need to demount the set and rebuild it outside on the meadow. But the reward is instant! The lighting is perfect. We get the last scene in 4 takes and can finish in time, before the wind blows our set from the meadow. Shooting finished.


Schuhkarton auf freier Wildbahn
Shoe Box in the wild


Munich, 04/05/17, 8:44 am

Back in Munich, the editing starts instantly. To meet the release date, we have a strict schedule. But Nik already finished a first Rough-Cut. Now we sit down together for the final touch. Unfortunately, we have to exchange all the videos, that played on the old tv, because the licensing fees were “re-negotiated”. In arduous handiwork our Post-production team exchanges the old pictures with new ones. Shit happens!


Musikvideodreh mit PTK - Der Schnittplatz
Editing workplace


Munich, 05/10/17, 05:56 pm

The “Sky- and Screenreplacements“ (that’s what the backgrounds, exchanged by the Motion-Designer, are called) are ready. The video is in its final steps and the end in sight.


Musikvideodreh mit PTK - Sky- und Screenreplacement
Sky- and Screenreplacement


Munich, 05/18/17, 10:15 am

Yesterday PTK cleared the Picture-Lock, the final editing-version of the clip. Today the finished film gets its color grading at “Scanwerk”. In advance we already decided on the film’s look. Now, all that’s left to do is getting the pictures to look as if they are from one mold and to correct slight color differences.


Munich, 05/25/17, 11:26 am

Tomorrow PTK’s new album should have been released, but just now the record label called and notified us, that the release will be re-scheduled to the end of next month. So, the whole stress about our timetable was unnecessary. Still, we are all happy. Welcome to a film production’s daily life!


Berlin, 06/30/17, 9:53 am

The day is finally here. PTK’s new album hit the stores and the video is online.


We were really excited about the response it would get. The result: During the first 55 Days our video was viewed 177,000 times on YouTube. We are totally happy with this!

Thank you to PTK for this amazing project and the trust you showed us.


Production: GOP Film
Co-Production: PAGES Media
Director: Nikolai Knoblauch
Editing: PAGES Media
Camera: Nikolai Knoblauch
Lighting: Nico Michel
Camera Assistant: Maxi Krause
Grading: Scanwerk Munich
Make Up: Caterina Veronesi
Actress: Carmen Jahrstorfen