Live stream: life is live

We’re now offering a new service: live streams. The sophisticated system from our colleagues in Berlin automatically scales to the number of viewers and devices. Furthermore, the stream works on all smartphones, tablets and computers, with all browsers and any operating system. You don’t need an annoying plugin, which you wouldn’t have been able to install on your mobile anyway, or a special app. Instead, simply click the link and you’re ready to go. Although live streaming was devised as a simple concept, to date it has only really been used by large companies and for more lavish events as it has always been extremely expensive. It used to mean large structures, lots of staff and tonnes of planning. But that’s all in the past. The time has come to take control of this market.


All we need is a line with a 4 MBit continuous upload speed. Every DSL household in the city has one nowadays. If the connection isn’t good enough, we come to the rescue with LTE-Advanced and pump up to 100 MBit/s over the wireless network. With two of every server and two of every upload, we’re completely fail-safe.

+++Live images

The live streams are created using one or more cameras. An image director combines live camera images, presentations and short clips. If desired, graphic overlays are also added live. The most popular setup comprises a fixed camera for the long shot, two manned cameras from left and right, which move with the picture and zoom in on details, and possibly the image on the voiceover laptop (PowerPoint etc.). This means that the viewer can see the things that matter at all times and several participants sitting next to each other or moving around on the stage can be easily captured.

 +++Social media

The live stream can be directly connected to Facebook and YouTube Live. This enables you to use the (free) capacities offered by the providers, enrich your own social media channels and ultimately have a download available for all late-comers. The platforms’ comment systems also work during the live events. However, we recommend using a moderator to prevent posts from trolls. Incidentally, it’s always amazing how many new fans result from pre-announced live events.




+++Chat as a feedback channel

The stream window can be conveniently integrated into any website using an iFrame. This means it can appear on a brand’s own website rather than a third party URL. A moderated chat can also be organised in which viewers can directly ask questions. To prevent nonsense from appearing, the PR or another decision maker can ‘sign off’ all input before it is posted. You can intervene in the chat at any time and the questions can be shown on the live stream if desired. Alternatively, the spokesperson can read them out in front of the camera. This makes it possible to conduct Q&A sessions without journalists or customers having to fly in, for example. Several major technology manufacturers use our live streaming system to provide product training worldwide. This saves them a great deal of time and money and protects the environment.

+++Important: security

Live streams can also be set up for closed groups. This means that only users with pre-generated access details can log in. If desired, logins can be made to only work once. The login details can be generated by a registration process so that all users can also be identified. If even tighter security is needed, downloads can be blocked and the username integrated into the video image as a watermark. This prevents people from filming sensitive content with their smartphone.

+++Then what?

Live streams also create permanent content. This is because the video content remains available to download on the website, YouTube or Facebook after the live streaming session. Even after the event, it is therefore an important content marketing tool. Furthermore, live interpreters can be used or subtitles can be retrospectively added. If desired, we will also provide you with a log file of all users who logged in.

+++It is worth it for me?

It’s easy to calculate whether a live stream would be worthwhile. As soon as more than five people have to travel somewhere and stay the night, a live stream is a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. Good for Mother Nature and good for the customer. Furthermore, as always with PAGES – we have local crews in every major German city (and many countries) so only a project lead needs to travel. Everyone else can arrive on set without any travel expenses.



+++Examples of live stream formats

Viewers from different regions/countries (-> saves on travel costs)
Global announcements (-> chat-based feedback channel)
Launches at trade fairs and events (-> for everyone who couldn’t attend)
As a fixed format (generates fans on YouTube Live & Facebook Live)

+++Live stream features

  • Full HD, 4K and even 360° possible
  • Scales automatically
  • All devices, browsers and operating systems without a plugin and special installations
  • No set-up necessary
  • Optimum stream for all clients
  • Login-based access control
  • Multiple cameras, laptop presentation and short clips can be combined as desired

+++Live stream references

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