Hand in Hand with Assomé – 10 Days Togo

In keeping with the motto of “International Understanding and Culture Exchange our trainee David traveled with friends to the small, west African country Togo.

Focus of this trip was the small village Assomé, which is about 30 kilometers from the capital Lomé. With School lessons, soccer training and a visit of the local hospital they wanted to not simply hand over the donations, but foster an enduring and amicable town twinning between Augsburg and Assomé.

David captured these unique and unforgettable moments with the camera. From these shots a documentary with about 30 minutes length developed, that shows how friendship between the most diverse cultures works.

A lot of interviews and authentic pictures, not only show the project team’s perspective, but gives the viewer deep insight into the Togolese culture.




Of course, we were curious after David’s return and bombarded him with questions:

PAGES: What are the first three words in your mind, when thinking about the Togo-Project?

David: The first terms I think about are hot, enriching, and impressive.

PAGES: What impressed you the most?

David: Even though the people in this area don’t have a lot, they manage their daily lives and keep their zest for life. During moments which shock us Europeans i.e. our car accident, these people find creative solutions that work. That’s because they often must solve their problems themselves. ADAC isn’t just a phone call away.

PAGES: What did people think about your visit?

David: We felt the unparalleled hospitality of the Togolese from the very first moment. The children and young adults welcomed us with music and traditional dance. They animated us to take part and there wasn’t any reserve. Curiosity was big on both sides. Some kids had never seen a camera display before and they had lots of fun with their first selfies.

You can learn more about David’s time in Togo and the experiences of his group there, in the film “Hand in Hand with Assomé”. Watch the trailer here:



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The film was shown at the Cineplex Kino in Königsbrunn on 07.08.2017.

The proceeds from the sold tickets, snacks and drinks went to 100% to the project group “Hand in Hand” from the Togoverein e.V. http://www.togoverein.de in Augsburg. The earnings will be used to finance school benches for the Assomé school.


Movie lengh: ca. 30 min.

Genre: Report

Trailer: https://youtu.be/XGrkE9i8raE

Information about the project: https://www.hand-in-hand-mit-togo.com/projekte-hand-mit-togo.com/projekte