Babam! It’s anniversary time: 10 years of PAGES

Don’t worry, this isn’t about to be an emotional retrospective. I didn’t even realise that PAGES turned ten in February. A yardstick anniversary. I don’t notice these kinds of things because I don’t regard my work as work, an arduous duty. I can count the number of days a year when I don’t like going to work on one hand. And so, time flies. And the agency keeps growing.

PAGES yesterday

And there’s a lot going on: we became an official training company last year and have been joined by our apprentice Nikolai. His first short film will premiere in the near future (Facebook fan page). This year, Nico, who had been a freelance cameraman for many years, joined the agency as a permanent member of staff. We also see our producer Maggie fortnightly now too. Our (paid) intern is also back from a major TV station and Andreas is still working on tenders from Mainz but will be coming to Munich as soon as possible.

We have a very relaxed workplace – people have fun and that’s what makes the difference. We don’t subscribe to this enforced agency hipsterness; we just have a good way of approaching our everyday work. For example, you can choose your own working hours. We all work on our projects independently – whether in the agency or from our home offices. The rules when doing so? There are none! We use the kanban method to self-regulate our own responsibilities. That applies from our apprentice to me. And this self-responsibility results in outstanding performances from creative minds.

We’ve made films for budgets that have been too big and too small, and always achieved what we set out to. In 10 years, only two customers have complained. One never actually figured out what he himself wanted (greetings to Nuremberg) and the other restructured during production and made heads roll in the Marketing team. We enjoy all our jobs. That might sound overblown, but it’s true. Whether for a global corporation or a small start-up – we get the job done.

One major advantage has fallen into place over the years: our fixed and reliable crews in many major cities. These enable us to film quickly and cost-effectively at any location. Customers have instantly noticed that it makes a huge difference whether you fly an entire crew out to XY for a week or only the director or project lead. We’ve therefore created a network that has what it takes. In other words, we film wherever you need, with fair budgets but always the same high quality. This saves people a great deal of money – especially in the case of our major clients who require lots of productions.

PAGES today

We’ve just moved into larger, nicer premises. We used to have a Berlin-style creative bunker. Now, everything is bigger and more serious. However, we’re still staying flexible and PAGES will never get too big; it will remain owner-operated and full of people who love what they do. We’re a hot shop, not a pretentious, self-congratulatory studio. We want to impress people with our films without having to shout about ourselves.

PAGES tomorrow

To mark our relocation and anniversary, we’ve designed a new CI and a new website. So, everything’s new and fantastic. And we’re continuing our work. Our order books are full and the teams have plenty to do over the next few weeks. That means I don’t have much time to write. So, let’s do this!

Thanks to everyone involved in our work, who gave us the courage to succeed and even those who laughed at our dreams.


Tom, aka mum

P.S.: Oops, I guess that did turn into a bit of a retrospective – and a slightly emotional one at that.